The vision of farming

The Hon. Catherine Cusack asks the Animal Protectors alliance what their vision of farming is. 

Mr Shoebridge calls a Point of Order. The Hon Trevor Khan states that they want "everyone to eat mung beans".

Questioning continues. 

Ms Seymour says that it is the belief of her organisation that animal farming must end, however she notes that she doesn't see this occurring in the near future.

Discussion continues on the growing voice of the movement and the escalation of protests. Ms Seymour highlights that the growing body of evidence gathered by animal activists has had a large impact on the community awareness of animal cruelty in the agribusiness industry.

Clarification is made that the Animal Protectors Alliance does not engage in farm trespass. Allegations are also raised regarding international bodies paying fines for those who have been prosecuted for trespass. Ms Seymour notes that she has never heard of this happening.