1080 Poison


1080 is an odourless, colourless and tasteless poison that inflicts a slow and painful death on any animal unfortunate enough to ingest it - and right now the NSW Government is rolling out its biggest 1080 baiting program yet.

Any animal unfortunate enough to ingest 1080 will die an excruciatingly painful death. The first symptoms of 1080 poisoning include vomiting, anxiety, disorientation and shaking. These quickly develop into frantic behaviour including running, screaming fits, drooling at the mouth, and uncontrolled paddling and seizures for up to 12 hours. This is then followed by total collapse and death.

Currently, millions of toxic 1080 baits are being dropped from helicopters, along trails and buried in mounds across national parks. 

The use of 1080 poison is cruel, dangerous, and irresponsible. It’s time for the NSW Government to invest in ethical, non-lethal alternatives and protect all animals from such a brutal death.


Australia is one the last places in the world that still uses 1080, with the United States even going so far as to classify this cruel poison as a “weapon of mass destruction”. It’s time NSW did the same and banned the use of this cruel poison for good.

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  • Emma Hurst
    published this page in Current Issues 2021-03-05 11:55:43 +1100