Petition: Ban 1080 Poison

Right now the NSW Government is rolling out its biggest 1080 baiting program yet. Millions of toxic baits are being dropped from helicopters, along trails and buried in mounds across national parks. 

Any animal unfortunate enough to ingest 1080 will suffer a slow and agonising death. They will experience vomiting, disorientation, uncontrollable shaking, frenzied running and screaming fits, as well as seizures lasting up to 48 hours before their eventual death.

The use of 1080 poison is cruel, dangerous, and irresponsible. It must be banned in NSW.

By signing the petition below, you’ll be telling the NSW Government to ban the use of 1080 poison and invest in ethical, non-lethal alternatives.

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Kimberly Smith
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Monique Tunks
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Rania Brown
Donna Finch
Kylie Renneberg
Bianca Ross
Ronnie Britton
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Jasmin Weaving
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