About Emma

While Emma has been officially campaigning for animal welfare for over 15 years, first working as a campaign director for Animal Liberation and later as media officer at PETA, – she has actually fought on behalf of our animals for far longer beginning in early primary school! 

Born and raised in Sydney, Emma traces her passion for animal protection back to her childhood when she was cradling a hen. Realising the hen purred in the same way as her cat, Emma decided she could no longer eat meat, and made it her life goal to fight on behalf of those who are voiceless.

To date, Emma has run a number of highly successful campaigns that saw two major duck producers successfully prosecuted by the ACCC, the end of various cruel wild goat racing events, multiple companies including major burger chains and butchers cease their sales of rabbit meat, and hundreds of animals released from medical research.

When she’s not campaigning on behalf of animals Emma continues to challenge herself, competing as a plant-based bodybuilder and long distance runner.

Emma is also a qualified Psychologist having received her Masters in Psychology from Monash University, and it is this training to which she attributes her strong analytic and communications skills, and ability to make others empathise with the plight of animals.

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