Campaign Wins

With your support we’ve already been able to achieve so much for animals, including:

  • Ending the use of cetaceans for entertainment in NSW
  • Mandatory lifetime animal bans for abusers
  • 8-fold increases in penalties for animal abuse
  • Changed laws to better recognize the link between animal abuse and domestic violence
  • $500,000 to upgrade refuges to house animals fleeing violence
  • A ban on the production, possession and distribution of bestiality and animal crush videos
  • Changes to the Working With Children Check system to ensure animal abusers cannot work with children
  • Passing an amendment to stop strata by-laws banning animals
  • Interim animal bans while abusers are still in court
  • A recommendation for transFARMation in a dairy inquiry report
  • $33k raised for animal sanctuaries during the bushfires
  • A yearly inquiry with enforcement agencies on animal protection and prosecution
  • Passing a Bill in the NSW Upper House which aims to stop convenience killing in pounds
  • Passing numerous notices of motion on critical issues affecting animals, including motions calling for a ban on puppy farming, supporting an immunocontraceptive darting trial for horses in Kosciuszko National Park, condemning the fur industry, criticising the Agriculture Minister for refusing to ban battery cages, and calling for a review of animal hoarding laws.


We’ve worked with local councils across NSW which has led to:

  • Six councils going fur free
  • Three councils supporting a ban on killer shark nets
  • Blue Mountains Council recognising animal sentience and supporting a ban on cruel 1080 poison


And, we’ve held inquiries into:

  • Battery cage hens
  • Agricultural gagging laws
  • The exploitation of animals for entertainment
  • The dairy industry
  • Koala protection and the “Koala Kill” bill
  • The kangaroo industry
  • Animal cruelty laws
  • Reducing plastic waste pollution
  • Puppy farming


We are not done yet. There is so much more to do, but given what we’ve already achieved, we know that together with your support we can do even more great things for animals going forward.

Watch this space!