Petition: End Puppy Farming in NSW


Right now, dogs and puppies are living in squalid conditions on puppy farms across NSW. Unsuspecting dog lovers would be horrified to know the true cost of that puppy in the pet shop window, or for sale on Gumtree.

Puppy farms are intensive breeding farms for the ‘pet industry’. Female dogs are forced to pump out litter after litter in small, barren pens until their bodies can no longer cope. Because of the lack of exercise and pressure on the body to produce repeat litters, many breeding dogs also suffer from painful health conditions. Many puppies born in these farms also suffer from behavioural and/or medical issues as a result of the terrible conditions they were born into.

Australians will never accept the industrialised ‘factory farming’ of puppies, especially while thousands of healthy, loving dogs are being killed in pounds each year.

Animal cruelty is being allowed to continue because puppy farming is currently still legal in NSW.

We know this horrific cruelty must be stopped. That’s why I will be putting forward tough legislation to ban cruel puppy farming in NSW.

By signing the petition below, you’ll be telling the NSW Government that it’s time to take action against puppy farming in NSW by banning this cruel industry.

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