Puppy Farming in NSW


Dogs are not just companions, they are members of the family. Yet hidden throughout NSW are puppy farms - intensive breeding facilities that breed puppies for profit.




Exposés of puppy farms have shown female dogs living in squalid conditions. Mother dogs are forced to pump out litter after litter in small, barren pens until their bodies can no longer cope.  Because of the lack of exercise and pressure on the body to produce repeat litters, many breeding dogs also suffer from painful health conditions such as eye infections, ear infections, mammary tumours, hip dysplasia and skin infections. Due to lack of oversight and regulation, investigations have found that many of these health conditions are left untreated.

Puppies born on puppy farms and sold on to an unknowing public can also suffer from a range of behavioural and medical issues, caused by the unsanitary conditions, a lack of appropriate veterinary treatment, lack of socialisation or as a result of the common practice of inbreeding.

What’s even more shocking is puppy farming in NSW is LEGAL.

Australians hate animal cruelty, and would be horrified to know that their beloved companion could have come from one of these filthy places. Yet many dogs sold in pet stores and online have likely come from puppy farms.

Puppy farming is now recognised as a growing issue in NSW, following Victoria and Western Australia seeking to introduce tougher regulations to stamp out puppy farms and stop the overbreeding of dogs. It has been reported that because of this legislation, puppy farms are now increasingly relocating to NSW because of the state’s weaker animal protection laws making it easier for businesses to fly under the radar.

We must act now - our weak laws are allowing puppy farms to set up across the state. That’s why I’ll be putting forward legislation to bring our laws up to speed with other states, ensuring dogs are given the same protection here as they are across the border.




The people of NSW will never accept the industrialised factory farming’ of puppies, especially while thousands of healthy, loving dogs are being killed in pounds each year. Together we have the power to make real change for dogs here in NSW with tough laws to end cruel puppy farming once and for all.