Buddy’s Law: Stop Animals Being Killed and Tax Money Wasted

Our team is working on a new concept: Buddy’s Law. Buddy’s Law has two components. First it will give animals the right to be released from experimentation, and then it will DEFUND taxpayer funded animal experiments.




Meet Buddy (pictured below). He is a medical experimentation survivor. Scientists used his body for 8 years. We don't know what was done to him. Most people don't. He is one of the very few animals who have made it out alive.

The NSW Government report that, in the past year, only 30 of the thousands of cats and dogs used in medical experimentation were given homes. We have no idea how many have made it out alive in previous years, as this data has only recently become available.

The change to record keeping came following an Animal Justice Party Bill calling for cats and dogs to be given the right to be released into family homes rather than killed at the end of experimentation. The Bill did not get the support of the Government. The Liberal/National Government’s rejection of the Bill leaves animals, who have already endured having their bodies recycled through experiments, facing death row.

But there’s more to this story: We are being forced to pay for experimentation on animals like Buddy through our taxes.

Despite the use of public funds, the Government refuses to say exactly how much money is given to this industry, and there is no transparency about the types of experiments taxpayers are funding. I don’t want my taxes going toward cruel and wasteful animal experiments, and I’m sure you don’t either.

In honour of Buddy, we are introducing Buddy’s Law. There are two steps to enact this new law. First, we will give animals like Buddy the ‘Right to Release’ from experimentation facilities. Secondly, we will fight to end the use of taxpayer dollars on animal experimentation.

With humane, non-animal methods capable of producing more accurate and useful results than research conducted on animals, the use of animals in experimentation is cruel and wasteful.