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Animals like Buddy (pictured above), an animal experimentation survivor, rarely make it out alive. We can change that. Buddy’s Law has two elements – first it will give animals the right to be released from experimentation, and then it will DEFUND taxpayer funded animal experiments. If you want to see Buddy’s Law pass through Parliament, sign the petition below.

Very few animals used for experimentation make it out alive. The NSW Government report that only 30 out of the thousands of cats and dogs used in medical experimentation were given homes in the past year. 

And there’s more: We are being forced to pay for experimentation on animals through our taxes. Despite the use of public funds, the Government refuses to say exactly how much money is given to this industry, and there is no transparency about the types of experiments taxpayers are funding.

By signing the petition below, you’ll be calling on the NSW Government to support Buddy’s Law: giving animals like Buddy the ‘Right to Release’ from medical experimentation facilities, and ending the hidden use of taxpayer dollars in animal experimentation.

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