The debate continues regarding "enclosed lands"

Clarification of the term "enclosed land" is debated by the committee. Mr Hansen notes that this does not include environmental boundaries, only man made. 

The committee notes that this bill does not only include farms, but includes all enclosed lands affecting union's right to protest as brought up in a number of submissions to the inquiry. The discussion then turns to if this relates to university campuses. 

Mr McKnight notes that the definition of enclosed lands has not changed from that in the current act. The decision of whether a particular protest on university land would depend on the findings of the court and aggravating features.

Discussion now returns to questions regarding union meetings "in carparks" and union officials meeting members on a worksite.

Mr Hansen repeats that the enclosed lands definition and trespass definitions have not changed. He also repeats that the only change will be regarding those who incite and induce trespass by potentially opening them up to prosecution.