The animal agribusiness industry is killing more than its intended victims

Experts believe that coronavirus originated from China’s wet markets. But COVID-19 isn’t the first viral pandemic we have experienced - swine flu, bird flu, and other zoonotic diseases all emerged from places where animals are confined in squalid, stressful living conditions. These outbreaks came from animal agribusiness.

The NSW Government must recognise that animal agribusiness is the biggest risk for future pandemic disease outbreaks. This pandemic was a wake up call. We must transition away from this cruel and dangerous industry to ensure we avoid the next zoonotic disease outbreak.

We are calling on the NSW Government to support a transition away from animal agribusiness and toward healthy, low-risk plant-based farming.

Instead of propping up animal agribusiness, Government financial assistance should be used to support farmers to transition into healthy, sustainable plant-based farming.

By signing the petition below, you’ll be telling the NSW Government that they must take action to reduce the risk of deadly disease facing our communities by supporting a transition away from animal agribusiness and toward plant-based farming. 

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