Round 3: NSW Bar Association Human Rights Committee

Ms Naomi Sharpe SC, Co-Chair of the Human Rights Committee, NSW Bar Association

Ms Sharpe states the NSW Bar Association "does not support the Bill in its current form". 

She notes the work of animal activists has lead to important outcomes with regards to animal welfare. She adds important evidence was provided in ACCC cases by animal activists.

Ms Sharpe goes on to say that this Bill stifles freedom of expression in a manner concerning to the Bar Association. She further adds that there are concerns about the definition of "enclosed lands" include public lands, affecting protesters who wish to protest in a public space.

Ms Sharpe continues that the penalties are being increased to be disproportionate to the offence. She notes that the addition of imprisonment is concerning to the Bar given that people who protest on public land may be prosecuted unwittingly and it may discourage them from exercising their right to peacefully protest.

Ms Sharpe concludes that impacts the Bill will have on the common law tort of nuisance will have adverse effects on private property owners including farmers themselves.