Round 2: Farmers Association

Mr Pete Arkle: CEO, NSW Farmers Association

Mr Arkle notes that the NSW Farmers Association supports the Bill and protects them from "vexatious" civil claims.

He notes trespass has been a serious concern for many years, and references the Aussie Farms website. He adds that individuals should have the right to protest, but farmers should not stopped from conducting legal business.

Mr Arkle highlights that NSW Farmers believe the current legal framework does not protect farmers enough and its failure will deteriorate farmers' belief in the legal system. He raises the "day of action" seen earlier in the year and video footage of activists saying they were going to storm farms across the state, and says this led to fear in farming communities across NSW.

He further highlights that this is only the "first step" toward the right to farm. 

Ms Annabel Johnson: Policy Director - Livestock, NSW Farmers Association

Ms Johnson highlights that this is a unique situation because a farm is also a home, these reforms are very important for safety for farmers and community members.

She reads comment by farmers on how farm trespass has impacted them. The comment raises that farm trespass has made staff "paranoid" and scared their children.