Reasons for trespass

Ms Seymour outlines that to the best of her knowledge, farm trespass occurs because animal welfare concerns are not being addressed. She notes that farm animals are left unprotected given the number of exemptions under POCTAA.

Ms Seymour continues by saying that if these animals were protected and POCTAA well enforced, there would be a reduced need to trespass. She highlights that often animal activists call the police once within the property given there are animal cruelty offences occurring.

Ms Hurst asks whether animal activists are being unfairly targeted.

Ms Seymour replies that while the legislation does not, the rhetoric surrounding the Bill does disproportionately target animal activists.

She adds that the increase in penalties for two or more people makes clear that this legislation is deliberately targeting protests by both animal welfare activists and others.

Mr Shoebridge asks whether the increase in penalties would lead to people deliberately seekingĀ martyrdom

Ms Seymour and Ms Soxsmith both agree that it could lead to passionate activists deliberately taking action to show just how punitive these laws are. Ms Seymour raises that the animal activist community is incredibly angry about persecuted by the NSW Government in public media.