Evidence gathering

Ms Hurst raises that many submissions raise that animal welfare standards to not meet community expectations, leading to trespass.

Ms Sharp responds that there is a degree of "opaqueness" in commercial farming. She says that this is not her area of expertise but she has heard of this anecdotally.

She adds that the penalties within this Bill are "too severe" and will have a "chilling effect" on whistleblowers. She notes that trespass is unlawful but the law needs to be balanced and more proportionate penalties need to be provided.

Ms Sharpe adds that this Bill could be considered "unconstitutional" because it may limit political communication. She says that there is a role for people to take steps to protect public interest regardless of the context. Ms Sharpe adds that the Bar does recognise that there should be an offence considered, but the response as included in this Bill is disproportionate.