Duty of care and bio-security

The committee raises the farmers' duty of care to people who reside on their property and their wellbeing. They raise the issue of farmstays. 

Ms Johnson says the provisions of this act touch upon the particularities of rural trespass which "not only puts the farmer at risk in their workplace but also their home". She notes farm trespassers put their own safety at risk as well as people who reside or are staying on farms. The added burden of responsibility for farmers to protect all individuals on their land is raised.

Bio-security is raised.

Ms Johnson suggests trespassers "do not understand bio-security risk and disease pathways" and how to interact with animals. She says that people must adhere with each farmers' individual bio-security plan.

Protest by farmers is raised again - the Association is asked whether they acknowledge that farmers protesting mining and coal seam gas could be prosecuted under the Bill.

The Association agrees, but Ms Johnson says the trespass would need to be "aggravated".

Questions End.