Aussie Farms discussion

The committee requests examples of behavioural escalation that has lead to the Association supporting the Bill.

Ms Johnson says this "behaviour started in 2012" and references the raids on farms including systematic gathering of footage. She notes that this Bill only deals with physical and not digital trespass. She continues that charges were brought against some activists however says that there were issues with how the charges were prosecuted and led to them being dismissed. She says farmers were "let down".

The committee notes that the previous witness Mr Whiteside said the number of people trespassing had not significantly increased following information being published on the Aussie Farms website. They question why this change to legislation is needed.

Ms Johnson says it comes down to changing behaviour, and there is now a "real risk of physical confrontation" and references the growing numbers of activists on the land.

Mr Arkle says that the increased penalties make individuals taking action "think twice" about taking action and will force them to "take responsibility". He suggests animal activism is a "marketing" activity.