We won’t just expose the Live Export Industry- we will end it.

We can end Live Export

The live animal export industry regulator has granted an exemption for an exporter to travel in the blistering heat that could see Australian sheep cooked alive. Here in NSW we have been alerted to a new atrocity- with the Western Sydney Airport opening in 2026, the Live Export industry could expand in NSW with air travel. I know we are all feeling helpless. I know it feels like it couldn’t get any worse. But history shows us that the Government’s brutal and continued support for a cruel and heinous industry will be its undoing. With each vile decision to ignore animal suffering and animal sentience, the industry and government lose the trust of the people. We won’t just expose this industry- we will end it. Enough. #BanLiveExport

Posted by Emma Hurst - Animal Justice Party MP on Tuesday, June 16, 2020