Ensuring Strong Penalties for the Sexual Abuse of Animals

Ensuring strong penalties for the sexual abuse of animals

A Government Bill debated yesterday could have seen sexual abuse of an animal (bestiality) be treated as a summary offence which would reduce the maximum penalty from 14 years imprisonment to just 2 years. After the AJP raised our concerns with the Government, this amendment was removed and the offence now remains with a maximum penalty of 14 years. Sexual abuse of an animal is always wrong, and is often accompanied by death and pain for the animal. That’s why we worked with the NSW Government to ensure this change wasn't made. With your help, we are making sure animals are considered in every law. #nswpol #animalrights #animalprotection #EndAnimalCruelty #TougherPenalties

Posted by Emma Hurst - Animal Justice Party MP on Tuesday, November 19, 2019