Protect wild animals this bushfire season

With temperatures soaring across NSW and bushfires ravaging forests across our state, wild animals are now more at risk than ever. Koalas are edging ever closer to extinction, flying foxes are dying en masse from heatstroke, and despite their available habitat shrinking by the day, brutal kangaroo shooting still continues.

That's why I'm calling for a moratorium on all activities putting wild animals at risk this bushfire season. 

Wild animals are facing threats from all sides during the long, hot summer ahead - and we need to make sure that human activities are not one of them. Fruit nets, trawler fishing and kangaroo shooting are all impacting animals already facing the deadly effects of our climate crisis. It's time our government recognised the fatal impacts we as humans are having on our wildlife and took action.

By signing the petition below, you'll be telling the NSW Government to place a moratorium on all activities further risking the lives of wild animals and demanding better protection for the silent victims of the climate crisis here in NSW.

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