Questions to NSW Farmers begin

Ms Hurst raises that the biggest issue for farms is illegal hunting. She questions why the NSW Farmers association is focused on animal activists.

Mr Arkle notes that illegal hunting is the most pressing issue. He says that he has focused on animal activists because of how it has unsettled the community.

Ms Annabel Johnson says of all the examples she read out, there were no animal cruelty charges pressed. She says this bill is "not about limiting transparency about agricultural production". She notes that industry is taking a number of measures to increase transparency, however she does not go into detail of what these measures are.

Ms Johnson suggests that the majority of animal cruelty cases relate to companion animals and not industry productions, Ms Hurst refutes this saying that it comes down to an enforcement issue.


Ms Hurst also raises that the NSW Bar Association has concerns over the nuisance shield actually functioning at the detriment of farmers. She gives the example of flooding and chemical drift in farmer disputes.

Mr Arkle says the aim of the Bill is to keep these issues out of the legal system. He says that the nuisance shield is not viewed as an issue for the rights of neighbours.