Targeting animal advocates

Ms Hurst raises whether animal advocates are being unfairly targeted by this bill.

Ms Ward says that anyone could be targeted by this legislation and it is difficult to understand why the rhetoric is targeting animal activists when the "substance" is not there.

Ms Ward raises the issue of a lack of enforcement of our existing laws, she notes they are "not adequately enforced or enforced at all when it comes to farm animals". She adds that the lack of transparency is another aggravating factor for trespass is occurring.

In response to questions from the Committee, Ms Ward notes that farmers believe their industry is under threat, however this needs to be separated from concerns over intimidation. She notes that intimidation is already a criminal offence, adding that there is no case she knows of where animal advocates have engaged in intimidation.

Ms Ward continues by highlighting that as previously highlighted by the NSW Police witness the main issue of trespass relates to hunters.

Questions End.