MP Response to latest data: DV and Animal Abuse



Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst is calling for urgent Government action following findings released by Domestic Violence NSW (DVNSW) yesterday regarding the link between domestic violence and animal abuse.


Please see quotes below from Emma Hurst MLC:

Statistics just released by Domestic Violence NSW reveal the extent of the link between domestic violence and animal abuse in our state and highlight the need for urgent legislative reform.

In domestic and family violence situations, abusers often manipulate and control others through threatened or actual violence against beloved companion animals. The latest survey data collected by DVNSW reveals that among people who work in the domestic violence space, more than half have supported victims who disclosed a perpetrator killed an animal or multiple animals.

The data also reveals that support workers report up to 42% of victims delayed seeking refuge for more than a year due to concerns about companion animals and not having the resources available to flee with the animals.

This latest data is higher than figures seen in previous Australian studies suggesting there is still a pervasive nature of violence in Australia, and that not enough is being done to recognise and address the link between domestic violence and animal abuse.

Violence does not discriminate. If we fail to take seriously violent acts towards animals, we will never overcome violence in other areas of our society.

We urgently need more Government funding so that emergency accommodation (such as refuges) can also house companion animals, we need tougher penalties to deter animal abuse, and we need a revision of our tenancy laws to ensure affordable and secure rental accommodation is accessible for families to stay together with animals long-term.

The Animal Justice Party is working towards these reforms that will protect both human and non-human victims of violence.


Findings from DVNSW:

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