Man allegedly drowns cat in bin: MP statement on arrest in Coffs Harbour


Statement from Emma Hurst Animal Justice Party MP in regards to yesterday’s arrest of a Coffs Harbour man who allegedly drowned a cat inside a garbage bin:

“Drowning an animal to death is cruel, thoughtless and unforgivable. This case has caused extreme community outrage - and rightly so. 

“The suffering of any animal drowned to death is unthinkable. It is a painful and frightening death. Animal victims of forced drowning will struggle violently for over a minute. It is death by suffocation and is unjustifiable animal abuse in all circumstances.

“There’s a well-researched link between animal abuse and violence towards humans. Anyone who harms an animal in an aggressive act of cruelty is a danger to other animals and the wider community. 

“Earlier this year the Animal Justice Party passed amendments to the Crimes Act that impose automatic lifetime animal bans for anyone charged for serious animal cruelty offences. If this man is found guilty under these provisions, he will never be able to care for or work with animals again. 

“New South Wales has some of the strongest penalties for animal abuse in the country – if this man is found guilty under the Crimes Act, he could be facing up to 5 years jail time. We will be watching this case closely as it goes through court.



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