How animal activists are treated now

The issue of only one case being prosecuted in NSW is raised again. Ms Seymour notes that there are many cases where activists remove abused animals to take them to the vet, and the farmers are none the wiser given the amount of animals in their care.

The Committee asks whether Ms Seymour believes the NSW Government is using the current laws to prosecute trespass by animal activists. 

Ms Seymour responds by saying they are not. The Committee discusses this issue, saying it is "surprising".

The Committee goes on to ask about intimidation and confrontation.

Ms Seymour continues by saying that she personally knows of no instances of confrontation, and often the property owners are not even in the area. Rather she notes that because animal activists also call police to report animal cruelty, the interactions are primarily with law enforcement.

Ms Seymour reiterates that in intensive system often farmers don't notice animals are missing when activists rescue them. She highlights that often these animals are often so unwell they are considered 'losses' by farmers. Ms Soxsmith adds that in the history of animal activism there have been no reported cases of activists going near the homes of farmers.