79 dogs seized in NSW puppy farm raid



A puppy farm has been raided in Central West NSW following reports of alleged breaches to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. 79 dogs have been seized and are receiving veterinary treatment from the RSPCA.

Please see quotes below from Animal Justice Party MP, Emma Hurst:

“A puppy farm involves the intensive factory farming of dogs to supply the pet trade industry. Dogs are often forced to pump out litter after litter until their bodies can no longer cope. The NSW Government has failed to outlaw this vile industry. While it remains legal, dogs in this industry will continue to suffer. 

“I wish this was a one-off case - but many puppy farmers are charged with animal cruelty offences. It simply isn’t good enough. We must make puppy farming illegal in this state otherwise cases of animal abuse will continue to arise.

“Anybody who inflicts harm on animal is a danger to other animals and the community.

“Following a Victorian ban on puppy farming, we are seeing a surge of puppy farmers moving across the border into New South Wales. While the Minister fails to act, we are quickly becoming the puppy farming capital of Australia.

“As long as the NSW Government allows puppy farming to remain legal, this cruelty will continue.



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