Massive 300+ dog 'puppy farm' plans set up in NSW




Former Family First candidate Ashley Fenn, who reportedly owned an illegal puppy farm site in VIC, has been revealed as the applicant for a planned 300+ dog puppy farm in Moama, NSW. 

The development application for the facility – which is expected to house up to 200 dogs and 120 puppies – has been opened for public submissions by Murray River Council. Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst says massive puppy farms like this are flooding into NSW where our weak laws do nothing to stop the intensive factory farming of dogs.

“Our worst fears have become a reality. Following a Victorian ban on puppy farming, we are seeing a surge of dubious breeders coming across the border into New South Wales,” said Ms Hurst.

“Mr Fenn was the owner of a property in Victoria that housed an illegal puppy farm. The manager of the facility was convicted of animal cruelty and banned from operating a domestic animal business for 10 years. Now that puppy farming is banned in Victoria, it seems Mr Fenn has come to set up shop in New South Wales. 

“A puppy farm is the intensive factory farming of dogs to supply the pet trade industry. Dogs are often forced to pump out litter after litter until their bodies can no longer cope. The NSW Government has failed to outlaw this vile industry. While it remains legal, dogs in this industry will continue to suffer. 

“As long as the NSW Government allows puppy farming to remain legal, intensive dog breeders will continue to cross the border and set up in our state. That is why I have tabled legislation in Parliament to ban the intensive factory farming of dogs. We must ensure companion animals in New South Wales have the same protections as they do across the border.

“Murray River Council have already approved the development of multiple puppy farms last year, including one right across the road from Mr Fenn’s proposed site. With more and more puppy farmers moving into our state, Moama is fast becoming the puppy farming capital of New South Wales.

“As I continue to push for urgently needed law reform to stop this legalised form of animal cruelty, Murray River Council must listen to the community and stop this disgusting development from going ahead,” said Ms Hurst.

Oscar’s Law, Australia’s leading charity campaigning to ending puppy farming, was previously involved in the investigation into the illegal VIC puppy farm associated with Mr Fenn’s property in 2018. 

“The application for this puppy factory is a very clear example of why we need nationally consistent puppy farming legislation. As strong new laws take effect in Victoria, it is easy for puppy farmers to simply cross the border to New South Wales and carry on exploiting dogs,” said Georgie Purcell, President of Oscar’s Law.

“The applicant for this Moama-based puppy factory was previously linked to a Victorian-based puppy factory, which had over 70 dogs and cats living in neglect and the manager subsequently charged with cruelty – including failing to provide veterinary care. 

“Oscar’s Law is joining with Emma Hurst to call on Murray River Council to make a compassionate decision for dogs. It would be simply irresponsible to allow this puppy factory to proceed,” said Ms Purcell.



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