Protest to protect remaining Stockton Breakwall cats




Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst will be headlining a protest calling on the Port of Newcastle to protect the remaining cats residing at the Stockton Breakwall, and guarantee there will be no further bloodbaths. Over 150 local community members have indicated they will attend the protest.

The protest action follows a disastrously botched attempt to shoot and kill the cats in December last year. The Port of Newcastle admit to commissioning the kill that community cat carers say left the animals maimed and bloodied.

“Last year a Rambo-style shooting operation ordered by the Port of Newcastle left cats with open gun-shot wounds and permanently blinded. We can’t allow this horrendous bloodbath to happen again,” said Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst.

“We are protesting to demand that the Port of Newcastle makes a public commitment for no further carnage.”

While another kill has reportedly been postponed, the local community say that last year’s cruelty was unforgivable and cannot be repeated. At the time of issuing this release, the Port of Newcastle has not publicly stated whether it will be proceeding with further kills.

“Last year’s massacre was cruel, thoughtless and utterly unnecessary. I understand there is an ongoing investigation for breaches to animal cruelty legislation. It’s unthinkable that the Port of Newcastle would ever consider going ahead with further killing” said Ms Hurst.

“The authorities should be very seriously considering a prosecution for animal cruelty. Many of these cats were reportedly left injured and alive suffering for an extended period of time. We stand united today against the atrocity and cruelty that occurred last year, and in demanding this does not happen again.

“These cats are being looked after and cared for by locals in the community. Several had already been removed from the breakwall and given homes. Many of the Stockton Breakwall cats have been desexed and microchipped as part of a long-running, responsible trap-neuter- return and care (TNR) program. There is simply no justifiable reason to kill them.

“The Government should be supporting community cat carers running trap-neuter-return and care programs. Overseas, these programs have proven to be humane and effective ways to reduce the number of homeless cats. I’ll be calling for funding and legislative changes that will support TNR programs in Parliament once it resumes in February" said Ms Hurst.



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