NSW Upper House Condemns The Cruel Fur Industry

NSW Upper House condemns the cruel fur industry

EXCITING NEWS! The Upper House just supported my motion condemning the cruel fur trade and congratulating Queen Elizabeth II for removing animal fur from her wardrobe. This is what happens when we get voices for animals in Parliament 🦊🐰🐻 Over 50 million animals suffer and die as victims of the international fur trade. This includes kangaroos, murdered right here in New South Wales and exported to regions including Europe, Asia and the United States. Animals in the fur trade are killed by anal electrocution, gassing, breaking their necks, or from being skinned alive. With the Upper House in NSW now condemning the fur trade, we can truly say the future of fashion is fur-free! Watch the video to hear the full motion that the House passed. #animalcruelty #banfur #nswpol #FurIsDead #FurFreeFuture

Posted by Emma Hurst - Animal Justice Party MP on Wednesday, November 13, 2019