MP response to dog tortured and killed in Sydney


Statement from Emma Hurst Animal Justice Party MP in regards to a dog found tied to a block of cement in a river in Sydney’s south. A man will face court today, charged with offences including torturing, beating and causing the death of an animal, and committing an act of aggravated cruelty upon an animal.


Please see quotes below from the Hon. Emma Hurst MLC:

This is beyond horrifying. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering endured by this sentient being. Anyone who harms an animal in an aggressive act of cruelty is a danger to other animals and the wider community. 

Frighteningly, anyone who is found guilty of animal cruelty similar to this could still pass a Working with Children Check in NSW. Our laws must be updated to reflect the research showing that violence does not discriminate. There is a link between animal abuse and child abuse and we must change our laws to protect both children and animals from anyone who commits acts of abuse.

Earlier this year the Animal Justice Party passed amendments to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 making New South Wales the first state in Australia to impose automatic lifetime animal bans for anyone convicted of serious animal cruelty offences. If this man is found guilty under these provisions, he will never be able to care for or work with animals again – but we need to ensure animal abusers cannot work with children either.

People who are violent are violent. Extensive research shows a strong link between animal and human abuse, suggesting perpetrators commonly recommit acts of violence against humans and animals in the future. Animal cruelty is a serious, violent crime, and it must be punished accordingly. Our laws are woefully out of touch with the current research and the Animal Justice Party is fighting to change that. 

If this man is found guilty, he could be facing up to 5 years jail time. We will be watching this case closely.



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