In Support Of Our Frontline Public Sector Workers

In support of our frontline public sector workers

Last night we voted to stop the wage freeze on our frontline workers. Our nurses, ambos, fire fighters, and many others- we will always stand with you. We also took the opportunity to give the Government better ways they can cut spending: Stop buying millions of dangerous, cruel 1080 poison baits to kill animals that are just trying to survive. Stop funding animal “abusement” industries like greyhound racing, horse racing, circuses, dolphinariums and recreational fishing that use animal cruelty as entertainment. Stop propping up dying animal agribusinesses that the community no longer supports. To our frontline public sector workers, and everyone involved in fighting COVID-19, I say thank you. Thank you for getting us through this pandemic as safely as possible. We are proud to say the disallowance motion passed.

Posted by Emma Hurst - Animal Justice Party MP on Tuesday, June 2, 2020