Our Unity Principles

Together, NSW MPs Emma Hurst and Mark Pearson have developed a set of unity principles to guide their decision making within State Parliament.

We believe in the in core principles of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-violence. We believe it is our duty to take the ethical path and create a humane national identity by building a society in which both animals and people – including First Nations people, people of colour, immigrants, those living with disability, LGBTQI+ people and those from all class backgrounds – are free to live out their lives as they choose. We understand the way to do this is to support sustainable and ethical practices that raise the status of animals, strengthen our economy, lower our housing, healthcare and transport costs and ensure we create a bright future for our animals and our children.

Animal Rights

Our top priority is to ensure all animals are treated ethically and have the right to live out their lives free from cruelty, exploitation, abuse, and torture. We believe that non-human animals deserve human representation in politics to protect this right, and ensure that they are considered in parliamentary and political decision making.

Environmental Justice

We believe that every person and animal in our community has the right to clean air, clean water and access to shared public lands. Thus, we believe it is our responsibility to protect our climate and environment by ending the exploitation of natural resources for corporate gain and supporting a sustainable Australian future.

Economic Justice

We believe that every person should have access to a means to support their family and live a dignified, healthy and productive life. To do this we understand that citizens of NSW and Australia must have the ability to share in the wealth and resources of the economy, as well as a right to adequate housing, healthcare, transport, food and water.

Worker’s Rights

We believe in an ethical and sustainable economy without animal exploitation that is driven by transparency, accountability, security and equity. We believe both men and women should be paid equitably, with access to healthcare, childcare, paid leave and a healthy work environment. We believe an integral part of this is establishing a living wage so families and their companion animals can live in safety and security.

Civil Rights

We believe strongly in civil rights within the Australian community, including voting rights, religious freedoms, and protections for all our citizens regardless of their race, gender, culture, age or disability. Only with strong civil rights do we have strong rights for animals.

Ending Violence Against Women

We believe that women’s rights are human rights and violence against women is a direct and harmful violation of these rights. We believe it is our moral obligation to dismantle the gender inequalities faced by women, allowing all women regardless of age, race, culture, disability or biological sex to live their lives free of all forms of violence and abuse.

Reproductive Rights

We believe strongly in the reproductive rights of women and that all women should have safe access to quality reproductive healthcare services, birth control, disease protection, and science based sex education. Within this we believe all people should have access to safe, legal, affordable birth control and abortion options regardless of income, location, race, culture or education.

LGBTQI+ Rights

Flowing from our core value of equality, we believe LGBTQI+ rights are human rights. We understand it is our responsibility to support, expand and protect the rights of the LGBTQI+ community. We believe that each one of us deserves the power to control our own body and live free of gender norms, expectations or stereotypes if we so choose.

Disability Rights

In line with our core value of equality, we believe that disability rights are human rights. We recognise the importance of breaking barriers to inclusion, access, choice, and control faced by those living with disability in our community. We work to assist people with disability and their companion animals to be included in and contribute to all aspects of Australian life.

Asylum Seekers

We believe in the rights of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers regardless of status or country of origin. Acting on our core principles, we believe that those seeking asylum must be treated ethically, kindly, and with respect, and may not under any circumstances be removed to countries outside of those approved by the UNHCR.