Emma Hurst MP calls for a ban on horse racing after the death of Anthony Van Dyck



Animal Justice Party MLC Emma Hurst is calling for an urgent ban on horse racing following the death of Anthony Van Dyck today. Anthony is the seventh horse to fall victim to the Melbourne Cup in recent years.

Please see quotes below from Emma Hurst MLC:

“Its time for this cruel and outdated industry to end. Anthony Van Dyck is the latest victim of the disgrace that stops a nation, but his tale of tragedy is all too familiar. Seven horses have died from racing in the Melbourne Cup since 2013.

“This is a brutal industry. In the last racing year 116 horses were killed on Australian racetracks. In fact, a racehorse dies in Australia every 3 days.

“How many more horses must die in this vile spectacle before something is done to stop it?

“This latest death is unacceptable. Anthony Van Dyck was only four years old. He did not deserve to die.

“Every year, more and more people are recognising that the racing industry is synonymous with animal cruelty. Its time politicians do their job to protect animals and just ban the whole vile industry.

“When gambling and animals mix, no one wins.



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