Donate to the AJP Sanctuary Saviours!

Our country is burning, Sydney is choking, wild animals are suffering and burning to death, and the good people who run animal sanctuaries are fighting to provide safety for their animals. 

This is one of the biggest emergencies of our time, and our Government is showing no leadership. We are in crisis, and that crisis will only get worse unless we all pitch in to help out. 

Will you contribute to our Sanctuary Saviour's fund? Every dollar supports struggling animal sanctuaries and wildlife rescue groups to continue their vital work and will go towards getting those who have been damaged by fire up on the ground again, to help cover the rising cost of food for the animals, and to help with vet costs for injured animals and wildlife. A full list of sanctuaries and rescue groups will be posted shortly. 

Sanctuaries and wildlife groups who will be receiving funds include:

  • Little Oak Sanctuary
  • NSW Hen Rescue
  • A Place of Peace
  • Monty's Rescue
  • Wild 2 Free
  • Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary
Thank-you to all who donated - donations are now closed and currently being distributed to wildlife rescue groups and sanctuaries

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$33,248.00 raised
GOAL: $30,000.00
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